We developed our very own dedicated online accounting portal exclusively for our clients. Login to our portal from any web enabled device and gain the ability to access and approve your accounts, tax returns and other documents from any location. We can communicate and transfer files with one another safely and securely whilst giving you the power of having your financial information to hand wherever you are working from.

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MMGA are QuickBooks platinum partners and for good reason. We have worked tremendously hard to be one of the most respected QuickBooks partners in the UK. Working with MMGA and QuickBooks will allow you to see the financial health of your business in under 30 seconds, send invoices in a handful of clicks, manage expenses in your sleep and will even calculate your VAT, run your payroll and integrates with a variety of systems you already use daily! Working with MMGA and QuickBooks helps you leverage all of these advantages to their fullest. Learn More.
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Xero is a fantastically powerful online accountancy platform designed to help you grow your business effectively and efficiently. Xero’s cloud platform will allow you to run your business from anywhere by giving you access from any internet connected device. Xero will allow you to understand your real-time cash position, collaborate directly with our team of experts and easily create and send invoices so you get paid more quickly. The best bit? It will do all of this whilst backing up and securing your data with multiple layers of security and encryption.

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MMGA are FreeAgent experts and you’ll be hard pushed to find an accountancy firm with a deeper understanding of FreeAgent’s platform. Working with MMGA and FreeAgent will allow you to run your accounts from the cloud, manage expenses easily and automate a lot of time consuming activities you currently must do. From automatically generated VAT returns and corporation tax forecasts to amazing insights from your personalised dashboard working with MMGA and FreeAgent will revolutionise your business! Learn More.

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KashFlow is the perfect online accountancy option for many small businesses. MMGA will help you get started by migrating all your existing financial data into the platform. That’s when things start to get interesting… You can create invoices on the go, manage credit control, view a wide range of management reports and insights, run your payroll and manage your banking. With so much to offer small businesses MMGA are the experts who can make sure you get the most out of the new ways to run your business in the cloud.

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Physical payslips are fast becoming a thing of the past. Give your employees a better experience by cutting reducing their paperwork with digital payslips, P60s and pension information that they can access and download at any time from the cloud. Make your business more sustainable, reduce repetition and duplication and have your staff focus on more important work that adds value to your business.

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